a child's site for showing their talent and commission to art.

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hey girls!,

do you love creative writing and writing books?or do you love taking photo's,drawing and any other kind of art?

well then this is the site for you. i created this site to encorage girl's like you to have a chance and show the world what you are.if you want to join please do its easy,simple and completley free! also on my contact me page yoou can send me your work and have a chance of getting it posted in the gallery and have a chance of it posted in a art or writing expidition.we also have competitions and you get too make new friend's who may have the same talent as you,i would love to have you join it will be great fun getting to know you.if any friend ora member of your family has a talent like this too please tell them about this.i'm sure they will love it.we also have a blog in which you can talk and get too know people.if you  win a competition it will be put in an expidition and you will

be known .if you have any question you can contact me

ellie,site manager

some fun games 2 get u in the mood for art!

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